In many neighborhoods, neighbors try to have the nicest lawn around. It is not a simple job, and a well manicured, healthy lawn does not happen on its own. Your lawn needs the right nutrition, water, sunlight and cut to look good. One of the most common mistakes homeowners do when it comes to their lawn care is to cut their lawn too short. A lawn that is cut very short could seriously damage the grass or even kill it. Instead, you should cut it at a moderate height with more regular intervals to keep it as healthy as possible. If there are long dry periods, make sure that you water it to keep it growing. If there is a ban on watering where you live, you can plan ahead by collecting water during the rains that can later be used for irrigation.

Some choose to have a professional service care for their yard, but there is a certain satisfaction to see the fruit of your own labors when you manage to get that perfect look that you were hoping for.

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