Home Inspection Services

We inspect every aspect of your home possible to ensure you know what you are buying and can make good, sound decisions.



01. The Latest in Technology

We use every tool at our disposal to give you a good home inspection, including moisture meters, infrared cameras, and more.

02. Unrushed and detailed inspections

We do not hurry through your home. We spend time inspecting, and we encourage you to follow along, ask questions, and see what we see.

03. Pre-purchase and pre-listing inspections

Whether you are buying a home, or whether you are selling a home, we provide thorough inspections that help you make the right decisions.


From roof to foundation, we provide a thorough home inspection that includes your entire structure, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, porches, patios, garages, and more.

All of our home inspections are performed with the greatest of care, and we are there until the job is done.

To help all of our clients, we provide Home Binder free after every home inspection. Click on the image below to learn about Home Binder.

Heating & Cooling

Residential heating and cooling systems affect the value of a property and can adversely impact your health from poor air quality. Heating and cooling system functionality and efficiency determine immediate and long-term costs associated. A professional HVAC home inspection can save you thousands. Made To Last Home Inspections includes a thorough inspection of the entire heating and cooling system, including potential code violations.


Water damage can be extremely destructive to your residential investment quickly and without warning. performs a thorough inspection of all the plumbing, including but not limited to, shut off valves, pipe material (lead pipes may cause health risks), hot water heater, faucets, toilets, showers, possible leaks and signs of water damage. Leaky pipes inside walls can have profound consequences on air quality and electrical dangers.


The roof protects your investment from obvious natural elements. But the roof has other functions that protect your home which may not be so obvious including, but not limited to, structural integrity, ventilation and insulation. A roof inspection can reveal the life expectancy, potential hazards and code violations. Due to high costs associated with residential roofing, a professional inspection by a licensed home inspector will provide information that can protect the buyer and seller, alike.



Caution is strongly advised with electricity. Faulty electrical wiring poses serious risks to human life. For this reason cost should not be a factor when the reward is an accurate, professional home inspection. Consider the number of outlets, light receptacles and electrical switches in your home. Of course, then you have appliances, circuit breakers, connections behind walls and in crawl spaces. A proper home electrical inspection takes considerable time and experience.


Home insulation is important for energy conservation efforts. Proper insulation will reduce the stress on your heating and cooling system, reduce your energy costs, promote noise absorption and promote comfort living. Determining the proper insulation values is best left to the inspection experts. Made To Last Home Inspections in-depth professional home inspection can educate both, the buyer and the seller, on the property’s insulation performance.

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