Barns are used for many different purposes. They can hold cattle, hay, tools, farm equipment or other things. They can also vary in size from small to huge, so this means that each barn inspection will be unique. There are some common things to keep an eye out for in a barn inspection,  however.

Fires are especially dangerous in barns, since they often are located remotely and might not be easily reached by firefighters. To prevent fire from starting, you should take care to remove any potential hazards. Electrical fires can be started from stripped wires or malfunctioning electrical appliances. You should regularly check and make sure that your electrical equipment is in good shape.

You should also exercise care with heating lamps, as well as, regular lamps, since they could easily start a fire in dry hay if left unattended. Even cobwebs that build up around lights can become a fire hazard, but not so much for the webs themselves, but the debris and dust that builds up on them.

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