Have you ever felt the need to defend your home? Probably not, so the concept of defensible zones might be a foreign concept to you, but it is really something that is very beneficial for keeping your home safe during natural disasters.

Every year many homes are lost due to storms, wildfires and other disasters that seem to become more and more common in recent years. The purpose of defensible zones is to remove the risk that objects around your home will become fuel for a fire or a projectile when the worst happens.

To set up your defensible zones, you will need to clear out all debris and vegetation about 15 feet from your home. In the area that goes out 100 feet from your home there can be some trees and bushes, but they should be spread out and trimmed. Outside of the second zone, all the way out to your property line, you can limit yourself to some trimming just to keep it fairly clear. Doing this will make it more likely that your home can ride out a disaster.

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