When You Set Up Your Appointment You Will Need The Following

  • Will you need a termite report (WDIR) along with your home inspection report? (With some lenders it is necessary)
  • What is the address of the property to be inspected?
  • Who will be at the inspection or who will represent you? Your Agent’s information?
  • Are the utilities on at the property to be inspected?
  • Is there a pool/spa to be inspected?
  • Have all of your phone numbers and agent’s phone numbers on hand.
  • Email address to send report. More than one is fine.
  • Is the property occupied?
  • What is the age of the property?
  • What is the square footage of the property?

At The Inspection

The inspection will take from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the property. You are welcome to attend for the entire inspection, and if you are a first time home buyer we encourage you to be there the whole time. For more seasoned buyers, you are encouraged to be present at least for the last 30 minutes of the inspection time to go over the findings.

  • Feel free to bring a camera and take pictures.
  • Bring a note pad. Make notes of anything you want to ask at the end of the inspection (In case we don’t address it before you ask!) Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!
  • If you need to measure something, we have a tape measure you can use.
  • Please do not follow the inspector on to the roof or into the attic. These are dangerous areas.
  • If you have not signed the Inspection agreement online, be prepared to do so at the inspection.
  • Remember that your report will not be released to you or anyone else (your agent included) without the signed agreement and payment. We accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards.

If You Are Selling Your Home

Make sure the inspector will have access to all necessary areas; Breaker Box, Attic, Sprinkler system, Crawl Space, water heater and all around the outside of the home. Inspectors will not move boxes and other heavy personal items to gain access. A return trip fee may be charged if the inspector can’t get to something. If there is a jetted tub, run it prior to the inspection. (Prior to showings is a good idea too.. to clean it out).

  • Replace any bulbs that are out or missing.
  • Remove everything from the dishwasher, and ovens.
  • Understand that inspector will be looking in every closet, and under every sink.
  • Dogs and cats should be in crates, rather than locked up in a room as all rooms will need to be inspected.
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