With preparation, most things turn out better. You probably learned this lesson when you were in school, but even as adults, many of us don’t apply it. Take a home inspection, for example. No one wants a home inspection to take a lot of time, so there are many simple things that you, as a homeowner, could do to shorten the time an inspection takes. Therefore, it is wise to spend some time preparing.

For example, anything that is damaged will be noted on the inspection report, so if you take the time now to repair and fix problems with your home this will make it unnecessary for the inspector to take a closer look. Even something as simple as replacing a broken lightbulb will save you time.

It is also important for the inspector to have access to all major appliances in your home, so clearing away clutter from him/her will be helpful. Sometimes you might need to trim back bushes, as well, to give access to all areas of the home on the outside.

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