One of the most difficult things to clean up when purchasing a new home is tobacco odor. Smoke particles are so tiny that regular air filters can’t catch them, and if a smoker owned your home previously, it might seem that everything in the house, including walls and ceilings are covered with the smell.

What can be done to remove the odor?

The cheapest and safest solution is to do a thorough cleaning. You will need to scrub down all surfaces that have traces of the film that tobacco smoke leaves behind. This could include light fixtures, appliances, as well as, inside of cabinets. It also helps to leave windows open to air out the house while you’re doing this, if the weather allows.

If you want an easier solution, an ozone generator can be rented and used to remove the odor, but it is, however, a very dangerous device. You need to make sure that no one will be entering the home while the generator is running.

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