What can you flush down the toilet? Some people don’t worry too much about it. They figure that as long as it goes past the first bend, it will make it the rest of the way, but this is very far from the truth. In fact, your toilet was only designed for flushing down human waste and toilet paper. Anything other than that will most likely cause a problem, either in your pipes or your septic system. Let us consider just a few items that are commonly flushed down toilets and requiring a plumber’s assistance to remove.

  • Cat litter – Usually made to clump up when wet.
  • Cooking grease – Once it hits the cold water it turns into a water repellent mass.
  • Dental floss – Will tangle up and catch waste to cause a clog.
  • Diapers – Might not even make it past the first bend, since it doesn’t dissolve like toilet paper does.
  • Q-tips – They don’t bend, so they will likely get stuck fairly quickly.
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